Alvic Octan Center petrol stations

Octan Center™

  • Authorisation: authorising and validating centre for professional cards. 
  • Real time: responsive web platform to operate from any device. Centralised control of credits, debits, restrictions, points, etc.
  • Card integration: centralisation of specific processing of national and foreign professional cards.
Available in — All countries


The dynamic PIN system increases the security of all transactions made through your cards.



Definition by client, groups, BIN, etc., restrictions by litres, euros, supplies, number of supplies, periods, etc.


Link to Octan Office

Transfer of masters and obtaining operations for subsequent invoicing in Octan.



  • ARIS
  • AVIA
  • DKV
  • EDC
  • Eurowag
  • Express Diesel
  • Ingenico H24
  • IS-XXI
  • Petromiralles
  • Petronieves
  • Retalix
  • Tankpool

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