Alvic Professional Cards

Professional Cards

  • Compatibility: increase sales in your business thanks to guaranteed compatibility with the widest range of professional cards on the market. 
  • All kinds of cards: multiple cards of international and national oil companies/operators.
  • Improve for your customers: make refuelling easier for your customers and guarantee security with the Pin system.
Available in — All countries


Connection to external authorisation centres and the Alvic Octan Center.



Support from Octan POS, dataphone and OPTs. Host-to-host and POS-to-host working scheme. 



Kilometre request and black/white list control.



  • ARIS
  • AVIA
  • DKV
  • EDC
  • Eurowag
  • Express Diesel
  • Ingenico H24
  • IS-XXI
  • Petromiralles
  • Petronieves
  • Retalix
  • Tankpool

More information

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