Alvic Vertex


  • The most advanced self-service island terminal: Designed for petrol stations, supply units, cooperatives, marinas, private fleets, etc.
  • Different payment methods and cards: Accepts payments through Contactless, fingerprint, own, promotional, professional, fidelity cards, etc.
  • Ease of use: graphical interface with intuitive menus to facilitate user operations. Instructions with voice assistant in multiple languages.
Available in — Spain , Mexico and Portugal

PCAP display

Vandal-proof, improved brightness, UV and IR filters, increased durability, resistant to sunlight and cleaning chemicals, increased touch sensitivity.


Alarm control systems

Sensor for paper change, communication failure, pump errors, fuel level, banknote jam, etc.


Cutting-edge design

Vandal-proof and weather-resistant. High brightness and resolution monitor.



  • CE — Conformité Européenne 

united states

  • FCC — Federal Communications Commission
  • UL — Underwriter Laboratories


  • NOM — Norma Oficial Mexicana


  • CB International — Certification Body
  • WEEE — Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  • RoHS — Restriction of Hazardous Substances


  • ARIS
  • AVIA
  • CECA
  • DKV
  • EDC
  • Eurowag
  • Express Diesel
  • Ingenico H24
  • IS-XXI
  • Petromiralles
  • Petronieves
  • Redsýs
  • Retalix
  • Smart Payment Services
  • Tankpool
  • Tanque Lleno


Alvic Vertex

Technical characteristics

  • Characteristics
  • Functionalities
  • Components
  • Alvic blue/grey colour
  • Self-service island terminal for cards and cash.
  • PCAP 18.5” touch screen with high brightness and resolution.


  • Customisable colour
  • Payment through Contactless, fingerprint, bank cards, banknotes, coins, etc.
  • High-brightness graphic LCD display.


  • Vandal-proof (lock and security door).
  • Acceptance of promotional, own, professional, fidelity cards, etc.
  • Thermal ticket printer with anti-jam system.


  • Highly weather-resistant.
  • Graphical interface with intuitive menus to facilitate user operations.
  • Barcode and QR scanner (identification, promotions, etc.) (Optional)


  • High-performance and high-reliability industrial control equipment.
  • Video instructions with voice assistant (multiple languages).
  • Front and integrated security camera (optional)


  • Invoicing and loyalty: issuing simplified invoices, full invoices, sending invoices by e-mail, cross-selling promotional coupons, etc.
  • TAG reader, RFID, Contactless (optional)


  • Multi-language, multi-pump, multi-product, multi-amount and professional/private payment.
  • Biometric fingerprint reader (optional)


  • Advertising channel
  • Intercom (optional)


  • Alarm control systems via SMS and/or e-mail.


  • Displaying the refuelling process.

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