Canopy for self-service terminals

Canopy for self-service terminals

  • Protection: increase the useful life of self-service terminals with a solution that is resistant to atmospheric elements, such as sun and rain.
  • Comfort: improves the experience and comfort of customers at the service station during the refuelling operation.
  • Design: simple installation and maintenance free. Avant-garde and ergonomic design, customizable and available in three different formats.
Available in — All countries

Pedestal canopy

With anchorage in the ground, ideal to protect terminals with pedestal format.


Wall canopy

Complete protection -top and side- on the wall, ideal for built-in terminals.


Superior protection

Wall canopy with superior protection for recessed terminals.


Canopy for self-service terminals

Technical characteristics

  • Characteristics
  • Functionalities
  • Components
  • Color blue Alvic
  • Protection against atmospheric factors
  • Side and top protections


  • Customizable color
  • Comfort during the refuelling operation
  • Ground or wall anchoring


  • Methacrylate protections
  • Versatility: three different models


  • Light tubular iron structure

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More information

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