Alvic Smartfuel APP

Smartfuel APP™

  • Virtual petrol station: allows for mobile payment for any type of fuel or energy at your petrol station.
  • One-click refuelling: your customers pay with the app in less than 15 seconds. Paperless, cashless and online invoice delivery.
  • Security: the pump is not authorised without first ensuring payment for the supply. All transactions are virtualised.
Available in — Spain

Smartfuel Network

Benefit from being on a platform with thousands of users and hundreds of petrol stations throughout Spain.



The application includes an assistance button to facilitate refuelling for people with reduced mobility.



Offer your customers contactless payment to avoid any kind of contagion.



  • Redsýs

More information

For more information about the product you can download the product sheet, contact us or request a commercial visit.