Fidelity Wallet

Fidelity Wallet™

  • Virtual card holder: customers at service stations have quick and secure access to their loyalty cards from their mobile device, avoiding loss and forgetting. Improve your shopping experience.
  • Customizable: application available for Android and iOS, customizable with the corporate image of the brand.
  • Connection with Alvic: communication with Alvic's Front Office and Back Office systems. This allows to improve the agility in the management of cards, customers and purchases.
Available in — Spain

Reading by code

Scan the barcode or QR at POS or self-service terminals for use.



Map showing the nearest service station with all the information, address and coordinates.


Cost savings

Avoid the printing costs of conventional cards and contribute to environmental sustainability.

More information

For more information about the product you can download the product sheet, contact us or request a commercial visit.