Alvic Fast Pump

Fast Pump™

  • Identification: dispenser identification system at the pump. It identifies the dispenser and authorises the supply.
  • Profitability: prevents unauthorised fuel dispensing. Pumps blocked by default.
  • Adaptability: compact and functional design, adaptable to all types of installations and pump brands.
Available in — All countries

For assisted services

Shift closure by sales of each dispenser.



Radio frequency identification with RFID cards and keychains.


Octan Office link

Alvic management software required.



  • CE — Conformité Européenne 

united states

  • FCC — Federal Communications Commission
  • UL — Underwriter Laboratories


  • NOM — Norma Oficial Mexicana


  • CB International — Certification Body
  • WEEE — Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  • RoHS — Restriction of Hazardous Substances

Technical characteristics

  • Characteristics
  • Functionalities
  • Components
  • Grey colour
  • Dispenser identification system by pump.
  • LEDs

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More information

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