Alvic IP04 System

IP04 System™See

Cashlogy POS

Cashlogy POS™See

Alvic SafePay


Alvic TMIC

Alvic TMIC™See

Alvic Octan POS AD

Octan POS AD™See

Alvic Octan POS

Octan POS™See

Canopy for self-service terminals

Canopy for self-service terminalsSee

Alvic Vertex


Alvic modules and services

Modules and servicesSee

Alvic display security kit

Display security kitSee

Alvic AD

Alvic AD™See

Alvic Viamatic


Terminal integrated in Alvic pump

Terminal integrated in pumpSee

Alvic Autofuel Cash

Autofuel CashSee

Alvic Autofuel Pedestal

Autofuel PedestalSee

Alvic Autofuel Embedded

Embedded AutofuelSee

Alvic Selfpro petrol stations


Alvic Smartfuel APP

Smartfuel APP™See

Fidelity Wallet

Fidelity Wallet™See

Alvic Fast Pump

Fast Pump™See

Alvic Fast Fuel

Fast Fuel™See

Alvic Coupon Module

Coupon ModuleSee

Alvic Wash Pay

Wash Pay™See

Alvic Wash

Alvic Wash™See

Alvic iHCP


Alvic Black Box

Black Box™See

Alvic CVI

Alvic CVI™See

Alvic Probes petrol stations

Alvic ProbesSee