Tobacco Dispenser Module Alvic

Tobacco Dispenser Module™

  • Direct connection: connection module with Azkoyen tobacco machines for the sale of tobacco from Octan POS. Automatic dispensing of the product in the machine, without the need for additional hardware. 
  • Complete sales circuit: allows the management of the entire sales process: purchase receipts, stock control, sales made.
  • Agility: space optimization, operations simplification and agility in the sale of the product to the end costumer.
Available in — Spain

Automatic dispensing

The direct connection of the POS to the tobacco machine eliminates any additional hardware to extract de product.


Avoid obstructions

It only dispenses three products in a row automatically. Message at the POS to continue the extraction.


Link to Octan Office

Integrated into management and billing software for petrol stations.

More information

For more information about the product you can download the product sheet, contact us or request a commercial visit.