Expandable system that integrates hardware and specialized software to comply fully with the Mexican tax provisions (Ministry of Finance and Public Credit), and contractual obligations of employers Gasoline (Petróleos Mexicanos).



- Rugged industrial PC, resistant to high temperatures and humidity, 8 GB compact flash and 526 KB of RAM, running Windows XP Embedded.
- Allows connection to most of consoles tank monitoring and thermal printers.
- Controller can accommodate up to 13 dispensers that enables communication with different brands and models in the same station.
- Link to additional drivers for bigger stations.
- Independent communication cards that facilitate replacement without stopping the station.
- LCD display, keyboard with integrated mouse resistant security rack-cabinet with key.
- Certificate under NOM-019-SCFI-1998.


Software (CVI3, SCS3, SCP3, PR3N, TAO3):

- Link to tank monitoring console controller and dispensers, configuration and records.
- Records sales, stock, pipes downloads, purchase invoices, all kinds of jarreos calibrations and alarms.
- Generates automatic transmission and the portal PEMEX Official Records.
- Time cuts and price changes scheduled or manual.
- Generates sales reports in specified periods.
- Control of access levels according to users.
- Manages the printing of reports, cuts and ticket sales.
- Log access and actions in the system, per user.
- Intuitive and easy to use, no computer knowledge required by the user.

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